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Vulcanet Casque 9 Clothing Sanitiser Deodoriser

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Vulcanet Casque 9 is the ultimate solution to looking after your gear. C9 will evaporate sweat, sanitise and deodorise prolonging the life of wearable motorcycle kit. It vanishes odours and quickly evaporates them leaving gear fresh and ready to wear in minutes! C9 is especially good for items that are in contact with sweat zones: Helmets / Boots / Gloves / Jacket / Trousers / etc.



DRIES AND EVAPORATES SWEAT THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR ALL PROTECTIVE GEAR SANITISES - DEODORISES - PRESERVES A MUST HAVE for any enthusiast involved in sports with protective gear.C9 DRYS sweat in ALL protective gear, including; helmets, padding, back / neck protection, undergarments and MORE! In just a few seconds your gear is dry and pleasant to wear again. Ideal for Competition / Endurance Sports. C9 is a POWERFUL SANITISER it prevents bad odors, skin irritation and allergies from overwear. C9 DISINTEGRATES grease or oily marks. Simply wipe with a cloth before allowing the product to dry. C9 recreates that “like new” scent. How to use : C9 is essential for all enthusiasts, professionals and competitors involved in sport or demanding pursuits. It will keep the gear you rely on, CLEAN, DRY, FRESH & READY TO WEAR when you need it the most.1 - Shake C9 before use. 2 - Hold the can upside down. 3 - Spray short sharp bursts (2 secs max) to cover the inside surface of the helmet, boot, jacket, etc. 4 - Leave the article to dry for a few minutes. Do not use article until completely dry. USE ONLY IN WELL VENTILATED AREAS. DO NOT WEAR ITEMS UNTIL COMPLETELY DRY.

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Part Type: Cleaners
  • Usage: Cleaner, Sanitiser
  • Size: 250ml
  • C9 is a POWERFUL SANITISER it prevents bad odours
  • C9 DISINTEGRATES grease or oily marks
  • C9 recreates that “like new” scent
  • Works on helmets, padding, back / neck protection, undergarments and MORE