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Speedangle 2 Apex Motorcycle Laptimer/Logger

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Get Quicker on track using the ALL-NEW and IMPROVED Speedangle 'Apex' is the natural evolution of the original 'SpeedAngle' with an all-new design, rider displays and technology within following feedback from racers and riders worldwide.



The ultra-high sensitivity 72 channel GPS module and built-in antenna ensure GPS traces are more accurate than ever before, even under bad cloud cover, Equipped with 5 NEW screen display modes, the rider can fine tune what information they want to know when out on track and all viewed on a new and clear LCD display. Speed angle APEX is a one-of-a-kind data logger developed for motorcycle racers and track day riders. It is different from other data loggers on the market in that it captures how YOU perform instead of just how the bike performs. It measures and records the 3D motion of your riding, including: Lean angles up to R/L 69 degrees, Longitudinal G's up to +/- 1.5G, Speeds up to 255 MPH (410 KMH), 10 Hz GPS traces (logging 10x per second), Lap times down to 1/1000 sec. This essential data will help you analyse your riding and easily compare to other track sessions, allowing you to test and try new bike settings or simply try new riding styles and lines on track. Track your skill and speed levels easily, lap timers/loggers don't lie and are a powerful in making you quicker on track, check your data between sessions and see where you can improve your riding, easy mounting means you can easily swap between bikes, and I recommend to try this, if your mate has the edge over you then put the timer on his bike for a session, you can then overlay the data and see exactly where you are losing out! Why Lean Angle Measurement Is Essential "I know G's and Speed's are useful, but why lean angle measurement?", you might ask. Leaning is what differentiates two-wheel vehicles from four-wheel ones. Knowing your speeds and G's without knowing your lean angles is like missing a piece of the puzzle; something might be missing when you are analyzing your riding skill. The point of lean angle measurement is not how far you can lean, but to know exactly how and where you are leaning in a corner. This, plus the acceleration/deceleration G measurement and GPS trace, can clearly mark how hard and how long you are braking before entering a turn, what your cornering speed is, if the throttle is rolled on again before or after exiting the apex, just to name a few.

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • SKU: speedangleapex
  • Battery Life Time: up to 17 hrs, without back light off
  • Built-in GPS Antenna
  • Max GPS Speed: 255 MPH (410 KMH)
  • Lean Angle Range: R/L 69˚
  • Power: 3.7V integral Li-Ion battery
  • Water Resistant
  • USB: USB 2.0 Compatible (lead Included)
  • Maximum Logging Time: approx 50 hrs
  • Part Type: Electronic, GPS
  • Width(mm): 70.5mm
  • Weight: 150 Kg
  • length(mm): 94.5mm
  • Depth (mm): 30.5mm

Customer Reviews

Great tool to help you get faster on track
By James Hillier
22 January 2018 21:35:32 GMT

Timing your laps and track sessions will help you log your progress. The sector breakdown will help highlight areas where you are struggling on the track. And logging your times, lean angle, speed and g forces will allow you to learn/improve your riding away from the track, analysing the data to compare corner speeds and braking zones. These features can also help you with bike setup such as choosing the correct gearing to reach maximum speeds between the corners.
I use one during testing a qualifying at the northwest 200 on my superstock bike.

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