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Muc-Off Anti-Fog Treatment 32ml

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Say hello to fog free vision with the Muc-Off Premium Anti-fog Treatment in a handy sized spray dispenser. 

Take pressure off your motorcycle ride by ensuring your visor does not mist up in colder damp conditions. Safe on all plastics and glass, the formula lasts up to 5 days.

Not restricted to motorcycle use, the anti-fog treatment can be used on any surface needing clear vision.




  • Intensive anti-mist formula
  • Advanced moisture absorption
  • Lasts up to 5 days
  • Safe on all plastics and glass
  • Ideal for mx and ski goggles, Snowboard goggles, helmet visors, glasses & car mirrors


Muc-Off Anti-Fog Treatment uses cutting edge moisture absorption technology with an anti-mist formula to create a transparent, micro-thin coating so your ride is never cut short by foggy goggles! Our Anti-Fog Treatment lasts up to five days, and if you spray on the outside of your swim goggles or sports glasses, the anti-mist formula will help rain bead off to make your ride that much safer! 

And, with our long-lasting formula, you're goggles will be fog free for up to five days!

Directions for use:

Step 1 - Ensure area is clean and contaminant free.

Step 2 - Shake bottle to activate formula.

Step 3 - Spray a light mist of Anti-Fog Treatment onto the surface and wipe gently with a dry piece of tissue.


Info about Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly - Our unique formula contains no harmful acids, CFCs or solvents and is fully biodegradable.

Info about Anti-Static Formula

Anti-Static Formula - Our formula is also anti-static!

Info about Fog Free
Fog Free - Our formula creates fog free vision for up to 5 days!

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • SKU: MO/214-1
  • Usage: Anti Fog, Protectant
  • Colour: No
  • Size: 32ml