Kriega Backpacks, Luggage & Accessories

Kriega Backpacks, Luggage & Accessories

YourMoto.Bike is a leading supplier and stockist of Kriega motorcycle backpacks, bike packs and accessories offering innovation, along with the highest standards of functionality & craftsmanship. Kriega luggage kit is built to perform with an exceptional 10-year manufacturer guarantee on all products.

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55 Item(s)

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Kriega and why its one of the best Motorcycle Luggage brands on the market!

What ever discipline of motorcycling you fall into there is a Kriega product that will be of use to you, 

In my opinion its the Rolls Royce of Motorcycle luggage, almost over engineered yet kept simple and fully functional for its intended purpose.

The constant development of Kriega's range keeps it ahead of the game providing the customer with a totally tested and proven product leaving no doubt in their mind that they have made the right choice.

Personally I own and use a number of Kriega products, mainly a R20 backpack and use  the Hydration backpack system for Enduro and Trials riding.

Will soon be adding the R30 or R35 backpack to the collection as on some occasions the R20 hasn't quite held what I required for those longer trips away. 

If you haven't seen or used a Kriega product first hand then you can't fully appreciate its strengths over other brands or similar items. I'm 100% confident in saying that once you own or use a Kriega item, you will not consider looking at anything else, and I think the 10 Year Guarantee on production and material defects speaks for itself! Where else can you get that?

I use my R20 daily, to carry my laptop and lunch for work, either dumping it on the seat next to me in the van or more recently on my back for the commute to the YourMoto office onboard the mighty Kawasaki H2 KMUK have kindly lent me for a short period, and I can assure you it fits comfortably without moving around even at high speed! Like H2 high speeds ;-) !!!